Time in Burnaby British Columbia Canada 24-Hour Clock and 12-Hour Clock

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The timezone for Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada is PST (Pacific Standard Time or America/Vancouver)

  • The Burnaby timezone is 8 hour(s) back UTC.
  • Currently, Burnaby does not observe Daylight Saving Time (DST).
  • The current date in Burnaby is February 20, 2024.
  • The currency of Canada is the Dollar (CAD).
  • The international dialing code to call Canada is +1.

DST means 'Daylight Saving Time'. The Daylight Saving Time has been in use in some countries like United States, Canada, Brazil, Australia and also in Europe. Its goal is to make the best use of daylight hours by shifting the clocks forward in the Spring and backward in the Fall. In Europe, Daylight Saving Time is known as 'Summer Time'. The correct spelling is Daylight Saving Time, not Daylight Savings Time.

* The reference time is our web server time. We suppose it is very accurate for most purposes, but we cannot guarantee its exactness.